Program Outline

Course Objectives

Mental Health and Medical Professionals will…

  • Understand the ethnographic concepts of kinky and alternative relationships, communities and their role, as a medical provider, in their care.
  • Understand the difference between healthy kink and pathology
  • Learn therapeutic interventions and common issues seen with BDSM, polyamory, Swinging, Asexual, Fetish and other kinky clients
  • Ethical and Legal Issues related to kinky clients.
  • Evaluation of the science and research of kink
  • Special topics and ethical challenges when working with kinky clients.
  • Marketing and Business Practices

Class Descriptions

  • Fundamentals of Kink

This course is designed to give medical and mental health professionals an introduction of the various types of alternative relationship and sexual cultures that they will encounter in their medical or therapeutic practice. It will also present the current position of sexual medicine and research in the United States.

  • Kink Communities and Culture

This course is an ethnographic examination of kink culture and subcultures of the kink communities.

  • Ethical Non-Monogamy I: Fundamentals and the Science of Open Relationships

This course is a foundation class for understanding and navigation of various non- monogamous relationships.

  • Ethical Non-Monogamy II: Working with Open Relationships

This course will focus on how to work with non-monogamous clients. Ethics, pathology, interventions and case studies will be included.

  • Power Exchange Relationships I: Fundamentals and the Science of Kink

This course will discuss power exchange relationships.

  • Power Exchange Relationships II: Working with D/s Relationships

This course will focus on how to work with clients participating in D/s relationships. Ethics, pathology, Interventions and case studies will be included.

  • BDSM Play: The Scene, Equipment and Community Etiquette

This course is an introduction to BDSM scenes, equipment and etiquette.

  • Kinky Laws, Rules, and Ethics

This course is an examination of professional ethics and laws as they relate to working with kinky clients.

  • Negotiation, Boundaries, and Contracts

This course is an introduction and examination of negotiation techniques; boundaries and relationships/ play contracts as they related to clients who participate in kink related activities.

  • Special Topics in alternative sexual expression and relationships

This course will discuss specialized topic related to the kink community. Topics include but are not limited to coming out, subcultures and challenges with working with kinky clients.