Kink Aware Certification Program Outline

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What Does Kink Aware and Poly Aware Mean?

A professional who is Kink Aware recognizes that BDSM, Polyamory, Swinging and other alternative sexual and lifestyle practices are part of the normal sexual spectrum and is able to distinguish healthy sexual play from non-consensual abuse. Kink Aware Professionals (KAP) have additional postgraduate training about alternative sexual expression via, books, articles, continuing education, seminars, websites, etc.

What is Kink Aware Certification for?

The Kink Aware Certification lets your lifestyle clients know that you have the tools and education to support them without worry of bias.

Program Objectives:

  • Understand the ethnographic concepts of open relationships, alternative relationships, communities and their role, as a medical provider, in their care.
  • Understand the difference between healthy polyamory and unethical non monogamy
  • Learn therapeutic interventions and common issues seen with kink
  • Ethical and Legal Issues related to kink
  • Evaluation of the science and research of kink
  • Special topics and ethical challenges when working with alternative relationship styles and kink clients.
  • Understand the fundamentals of Gender Spectrum Care
  • Power Exchange Fundamentals
  • BDSM Play Fundamentals
  • Marketing and Business Practice

Kink Aware Certification Program Requirements: 

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Completion of school application process
  • Recommendation from instructor of work supervisor
  • For therapist recognition, the student must be a licensed therapist

Level 1 Certification: Fundamentals of Kink


This course is designed to give medical and mental health professionals an introduction of the various types of alternative relationship and sexual cultures that they will encounter in their medical or therapeutic practice. It will also present the current position of sexual medicine and research in the United States.

Kink Aware Certification
Funny concept with wife and husband in bed


This course is an ethnographic examination of kink culture and subcultures of the kink communities.

Kink Aware Certification Program Outline
MILAN, ITALY – JUNE 27: People at gay pride parade in Milan JUNE 27, 2015. Thousands of people march in the city streets for the annual gay pride parade, claiming equality and legal rights.

Level 2 Certification: Ethical Non Monogamy Fundamentals

KTCI 103 – Ethical Non-Monogamy I: Fundamentals and the Science of Open Relationships

This course is a foundation class for understanding and navigation of various non- monogamous relationships.

Kink Aware Certification Program Outline
smiling swingers touch and run hands on bodies laying on large bed under blanket in bedroom closeup slow motion

KTCI 104 – Ethical Non-Monogamy II: Working with Open Relationships

This course will focus on how to work with non-monogamous clients. Ethics, pathology, interventions and case studies will be included. Course includes tools and interventions used with Ethical Non-Monogamous Clients.

Kink Aware Certification Program Outline
The concept of bisexuals. Bisexual couples exchange partners at a party at home

Level 3 Certification: Power Exchange Fundamentals

KTCI 105 – Power Exchange Relationships I: Fundamentals and the Science of Kink

This course will discuss power exchange relationships, their etiquette, and dynamics.

Kink Aware Certification Program Outline

KTCI 106 – Power Exchange Relationships II: Working with D/s Relationships

This course will focus on how to work with clients participating in D/s relationships. Ethics, pathology, Interventions and case studies will be included.

Kink Aware Certification Program Outline

Level 4 Certification: BDSM Play Fundamentals

KTCI 107 – BDSM Play: The Scene, Equipment and Community Etiquette

This course is an introduction to BDSM scenes, equipment and etiquette.

Dungeon Etiquette
Spanking Bench

KTCI 109 – Negotiation, Boundaries, and Contracts

This course is an introduction and examination of negotiation techniques; boundaries and relationships/ play contracts as they related to clients who participate in kink related activities.

Kink Aware Certification Program Outline
Cheater xxx writing. Cropped close up top above view photo of tempting seductive woman wearing lace purple brassiere holding contract reading details conditions topless handsome man is lying on bed

Level  5 Certification: Rules, Laws, and Ethics and Intimate Partner Violence 

KTCI 108 – Kinky Laws, Rules, and Ethics

This course is an examination of professional ethics and laws as they relate to working with kinky clients.

Kink Aware Certification Program Outline
Man raising Equality love pride poster together with LGBT activists, pride march

HART 402 – Intimate Partner Violence: Hidden Victims of Sexual, Gender, and Relationship Minorities and Special Populations

The Mental Health Community’s efforts to address domestic and intimate partner violence (DIPV) have often neglected members of the kink, lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBTQ+) populations and men. Heterosexual women are primarily targeted for DIPV screening, community support and intervention despite the similar or greater prevalence of DIPV in LGBTQ+ individuals and its detrimental mental and physical health affects. In this course we will highlight the burden of DIPV in LGBTQ+ relationships, discuss how LGBTQ+ and traditional heterosexual relationships, discuss how LGBTQ+ and traditional heterosexual DIPV differ, and outline steps clinicians can take to address DIPV in their LGBTQ+ patients.

Kink Aware Certification Program Outline
woman in fear with patch around her arms an a church windows on back

Level  6 Certification: The Gender Spectrum

KTCI 500 – Fundamentals of the Gender Spectrum

Gender is more than the mainstream binary: male and female. The gender spectrum also includes non-binary, queer, transgender, and gender fluid. KTCI 500 explores the fluidity of gender and the ways it is expressed throughout the world.

Kink Aware Certification Program Outline
Interesting couple. Young woman standing for a gender equality and holding a drill while her husband washing the dishes

KTCI 501 – The Gender Transition Protocols and Experience 

This course describes the experiences of various individuals undergoing or who have gone through gender reassignment surgery or body modification to closer to their true self. Learning the protocols will help the kink aware professional understand how to identify the symptoms of gender identity disorder and body dysmorphia as it pertains to gender. The combination of protocols and experiences provide a blue to help guide an individual who identifies as transgender, gender fluid, queer, or non-binary.

Transgender word cloud on a white background.

Kink Aware Certification Fees

Each Course is $69

*Transfer credits require passing a topic quiz and a $10 Service fee

*We accept course exchanges from Clinical Practice Experience, Loveology University, and the Florida Mental Health Counselors Associate. Each Student is evaluated individually by the Director of Student Services. Service Fees Apply.