Purpose of the Kink Aware Therapy Program

Kink Aware Therapy Certification Program Purpose

The KTCI program is designed to give mental health providers, health and sexuality educators and medical providers the tools necessary to work with sexual, gender and relationship outsiders who identify as part of the Kink community and Kink subcultures.

The primary purpose of the KTCI program is to:

  • Establish criteria and identify patients who participate in alternative sexual, gender, and relationship lifestyles.
  • Offer a fundamental introduction to the culture, etiquette, struggles, and social norms of “Kink” Culture as seen through the eyes of a mental health clinician, the current research and community educational periods.
  • Introduce interventions and adapted current clinical treatment models, which have been proven effective through trial and error exploration in a clinical practice specializing with these populations.
  • Identify and encourage providers to explore further clinical research where there is a need in the community.
  • Encourage collaboration between professional organizations in order to create clear guidelines for what qualifies as Kink awareness, thus, establishing a guide for future educational programs.

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