Games People Play in Poly Video

Games People Play in Poly Video

Games People Play in Poly Workshop from Atlanta Poly Weekend In June 2019, Therapist Nicki gave a presentation entitled, “Games People Play in Poly,” at the Sheraton Hotel for Atlanta Poly Weekend. This presentation describes the therapeutic model Transactional Analysis (TA) and the Harmony Arion Relationship Tools (HART). HART combines TA and the Gottman Sound Relationship House.  Therapist Nicki uses …

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What is Polyamory?

Polyamory has many definitions depending on which poly community that you are asking. For the purposes of this blog series, we are identifying “polyamory” as the practice of having more than one intimate relationship within the context of honesty, openness, and chosen family. Polyamorous relationships are traditionally romantic in nature, but sexuality is optional. There are …

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What Is Non-Monogamy And Ethical Non-Monogamy?

What Does Non-Monogamy Mean? When discussing “non-monogamy”, it is important to clarify the difference between ethical and non-ethical non-fidelity. “Monogamy” is defined as having a single relationship or sexual partner over the course of one’s lifetime. In our culture, people practice non-fidelity all of the time, either through serial relationships, hook-ups, dating, or infidelity. However, because …

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Pregnancy and Poly

Pregnancy and Poly Video

2019 Atlanta Poly Weekend Pregnancy and Poly discusses how getting pregnant in a polyamorous dynamic can be a joyous occasion and it can also bring it’s own share of issues. Watch Therapist Nicki as she discusses the pros and cons of pregnancy in a poly relationship. You can also read some of Harmony’s blogs on pregnancy in polyamorous relationships. …

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Parents Found Out I am into BDSM

Ask a A Sexpert Question I am an 18 year old and my parents found out I am into BDSM. They insist BDSM is demented and only “crazy people” engage in it. What do I do? Number one is you are not “crazy” or “demented” for engaging in BDSM and you are a legal consenting …

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Primal Scream Therapy. Are you Kink Aware and Poly Aware? Become a Certified Kink Aware Poly Aware Provider and learn to work with kinky clients.

Primal Scream Therapy … Pseudoscience or Genius?!

Have you ever screamed … out loud?  Not sitting in grid-locked traffic, not at your partner arguing over who locked the keys in the car, but a raw, guttural, agonizing scream that came from somewhere deep inside you, that you have become totally disconnected from?  A scream so jagged and saturated in pain, that the …

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Zoning for SM Swing Groups

NCSFZoning for SM Swing Groups

This Zoning for SM Swing Groups handout was developed by The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom (NCSF). Please support out community through supporting them. Donate your time or money and be part of the change! Who is NCSF? NCSF is a coalition of groups, clubs and businesses that serve consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual …

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Maintaining Mental Health During Covid-19

As we continue to face the COVID-19 pandemic it is vital that we pay attention to mental health. Over the course of the pandemic, fear, uncertainty, anxiety, sadness, grief and depression have become common place. Not only are individuals worried for their physical health and that of their loved ones, they may also be experiencing …

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Polyamory and pregnancy

Polyamory and Pregnancy: 5 Questions to Ask

Pregnancy in poly relationships (polyamorous) can be a time of great joy or a time of huge stress. Asking certain questions before and during the pregnancy are important. Displayed below are 5 key questions to ask during this important conversation. Do you want children? This question can start the conversation off to a good start. …

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Scream box

Be As Loud As You Want With The Scream Box … No One Will Know!

What is a Scream Box? When is the last time you let out a massive scream?  I mean a raw, guttural, emotionally charged & intense scream!  The kind that leaves you with sweat on your brow, your skin tingling with electricity and ultimately, totally emotionally spent?!  Yeah … THAT kind of scream!  Felt good right?  …

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