What Is Non-Monogamy And Ethical Non-Monogamy?

What Does Non-Monogamy Mean? When discussing “non-monogamy”, it is important to clarify the difference between ethical and non-ethical non-fidelity. “Monogamy” is defined as having a single relationship or sexual partner over the course of one’s lifetime. In our culture, people practice non-fidelity all of the time, either through serial relationships, hook-ups, dating, or infidelity. However, because …

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So this is one of my favorite topics, prevertables. A prevertable is taking an everyday average object and using it for sex play. I have several videos giving examples at various stores from the Dollar Tree to Rocketfizz (a candy store).  Some simple pervertables are spatulas, neck ties, and wooden spoons.  I love pervertables because …

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