What Are Social Nudists and Naturists?

Social Nudists?

“Social nudists” and “naturists” are a group that believes the wearing of the modern “social costume” or clothing is not necessary for functioning. This group is very community based group and will build resorts and homesteads where the “eat, work, play” culture is entirely clothing optional. Naturalists do not associate nudity with sexuality and in fact strive for segregation from any sexually oriented cultures, and many accredited resorts are generally family friendly. There have been a number of incidents where communities have had their memberships and accreditations revoked because they have swinging or sexuality-based parties on their property. Due to their bias against being socially connected to sexuality-based groups, they will not tend to socialize with many of the previously discussed Kink based communities.

Social nudists and naturalists comprise mostly of middle to upper middle class, educated, professionals and participants are diverse in their age ranges. Although little research has explored this, in my work with them, there are minimal to no body dysmorphic issues but higher rates of skin cancer. The skin cancer rates are a clearly a product of most communities being in warmer climates and lack of appropriate skin care measures being taken. In Florida alone, there are 29 American Association of Nude Recreations (AANR) accredited resorts. It is important to note that the correct term is “resorts,” not “colonies;” the term “nudist colony” has become derogatory within this community. One of the most important standard of care issues for physicians is the urgency to encourage regular skin care and dermatological visits much sooner than for patients who are not as frequently exposed to the elements. Physicians in regions with warmer climates, such as the southern United States, are more likely to have members of this community as clients, so it might be useful to inquire about their lifestyle on patient intake forms. In my clinical therapy practice, the only issues I have ever seen related to the participation of social nudism are disclosure, the need to give up the practice due to a new romantic partner, and skin cancer.

social nudist
male nudist on Playa de Covachos beach, Cantabria, Spain



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