What is Polyamory?

Polyamory has many definitions depending on which poly community that you are asking. For the purposes of this blog series, we are identifying “polyamory” as the practice of having more than one intimate relationship within the context of honesty, openness, and chosen family. Polyamorous relationships are traditionally romantic in nature, but sexuality is optional. There are some schools of thought that this can extend out to non-romantic relationships, but these relationships tend to be addressed in the intentional family dynamics. The very basic foundation for all of these relationships is openness and honesty, and this community believes that one can have many forms of love and that love is limitless. Additionally, most polygroups, organized groups of people who identify as polyamorous, radiate strongly with the term “chosen family,” and create communities of varying size based upon love.

The polyamory population is very community driven, but tends to have a distinct bias against swingers because those who identify as polyamorous are frustrated with being characterized as sluts. For this reason, polyamorists tend to not roam in swing communities unless they also participate in swing behaviors. Sex is traditionally not the foundation on which most polyamorous relationships are based, and it is, in fact, a running joke among poly people that they are so busy communicating and processing that they do not have time for sex. Poly folks crave community and if they are not able to find established local communities, are quite good at creating their own.


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